Sweet & Salty Bark

4 servings

Active Time: 10 minutes/freeze time 4 hours


4 containers Light & Fit
Original Greek Salted Caramel
nonfat yogurt (5.3 oz each)

1 Tbsp. honey or agave

1 cup chopped chocolate covered pretzels, divided

12 cup chopped, toasted walnuts, divided

14 cup coconut flakes

  1. In a bowl, combine yogurt and honey; mix well. Fold in 12 cup pretzels, 14 cup chopped nuts and 2 Tbsp. Coconut.
  2. Line a 9×13 inch pan with plastic wrap. Spread yogurt mixture evenly onto the base of the pan to cover. Sprinkle surface of the yogurt mixture evenly with remaining pretzels, nuts and coconut.
  3. Cover and freeze to set.
  4. When the yogurt mixture is frozen solid (3-4 hours), break the bark into shards and serve immediately. Bark can be broken and placed in a plastic bag and kept frozen for up to 2 weeks.
Recipe uses:
Light And Fit Original Greek Salted Caramel

Sweet & Salty Bark (Serves 4)
Nutrition Facts

  • Amount/Serving%DV*
  • Calories 270
  • Calories from Fat 120
  • Total Fat 14g22%
  • Saturated Fat 4g20%
  • Trans Fat 0g0%
  • Cholesterol 10mg3%
  • Sodium 160mg7%
  • Total Carbohydrate 25g8%
  • Dietary Fiber 2g8%
  • Sugars 18g
  • Protein 15g30%

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